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The team

Meet the people behind Kilimo.


Jairo Trad

CEO & Co-founder

Tati Malvasio

COO & Co-founder

Toni Abdala

CTO & Co-founder

Rodri Tissera

Head of Business Development & Co-founder

Andrea Ramos

Country Manager Chile


Carla Grosso

Head Farmer Sales

Roberto Labra

Sales Associate

Alexis Heredia

Commodities Leader

Spencer Machuca

Country Manager México


Gabriela Madoery

Head of Growth

Valeria Selva

Technical Content Lead

Natalia Rodríguez Cano

Demand Generation Manager

Lucía Machay

Community & Events Manager

Sofía Gorski

Graphic & UX/UI Designer

Milagros Romano

SDR & Marketing Analyst

Rocío Vargas

Marketing Assistant


María José Agostino

People Manager

Ignacio Toranzo

Culture Lead

Inés Garzón

Operations Assistant Manager


Mayco Cerino

Product Team Leader

Horacio Perotti

Product Manager

Agustina Peretti

Product Marketing Manager

Julieta Condinanzi

Product Designer


Luciano Campagnolo

GIS Data Specialist

Gianfranco Fagioli

Data Analyst Ssr

Naimid Esnarriaga

Research Support (R&D)


Matías Barriento

Engineering Team Leader

Mauro Paris

Technical Leader

Juan Acosta

Front End

Federico González

Back End


Camila Zalazar

Agronomist Manager

Catriel Santillán

Agronomist Success Lead

Diego Muñoz

Agronomist Success Chile

Darío Furlan

High Value Crops Leader

Roxana Vera

Agronomist Success HVC

Catriel Zallio

Field Support Leader Argentina

Santiago Torres

Field Support Argentina

Piero Fornasa

Field Support Argentina

Germán Persich

Field Support Argentina

Marcos Paternoster

Field Support Argentina

Álvaro Henríquez

Agronomist Success HVC Chile

David Encina

Field Support Leader Chile

Daniel Cisternas

Field Support Chile

Ignacio Cabrera

Field Support Chile

Gastón Lavin

Agronomist Success Commodities

Paula Ascenzi

Agronomist Success

Paula Plomer

Agronomist Success

Francisco Montero

Customer Support Leader

Julieta Ahumada

Customer Support

Lucía Ávila

Customer Support

Paula Miño

Agronomist Success

Agustina Simón

Customer Support

Lucas Pereyra

Field Support Argentina

María Fernanda Cardozo

Customer Support

Administration & Finance

Luciano Bär

Administration Lead

Micaela Bertino

Compliance Lead

Agustina Strube

Accountant Assistant

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